How do I install StatCounter using Friendster? Base de coneixements  ›  Instalación

  1. Sign up for a free account at StatCounter and follow the steps to create your first project and generate your StatCounter code.
  2. Si se't demana, assegura't de triar Friendster de les Guies d'Instal·lació de la llista.
  3. Copy the StatCounter code.
  4. Log into your Friendster profile (opens in a new window).
  5. Click "Profile".

    Friendster - Profile

  6. Next click "Edit Profile".

    Friendster - Edit Profile

  7. In the "Main" tab, scroll down to the "More About Me" section.

    Friendster - Main

  8. Paste your StatCounter code into the "About Me" box then click "Save" and that's it!

    Friendster - More About Me

Your StatCounter will now begin recording visitor information and, if you chose the visible option, your counter will be visible on your Friendster profile!

    Friendster- StatCounter

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